SAANU, NASU Presents U3PS as Preferred Payment Platform.

The Joint Action Committee (JAC) of the Non-Academic Staff Union of Educational and Associated Institutions (NASU) and the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) has presented its preferred payment platform to the minister of education, Hon. Adamu Adamu.

The Presentation tagged “University Peculiar Payroll and Payment System (U3PS),” JAC, comprising the representatives of SSANU and NASU, said IPPIS has been inconsistent with the peculiarities of the university system.

Speaking at the meeting on Tuesday, the permanent secretary at the ministry of education, Andrew Adejo, said the ministry of labour and employment had, at a meeting in October, 2020, agreed to the presentation of JAC’s preferred payment system.

In his words: “About some time last month, we got a letter from the (ministry of) labour forwarding it to us (the ministry of education) to take the necessary action. So we met last week and computed it and this is the formal presentation.”

While presenting the U3PS, the general Secretary of NASU, Peters Adeyemi, said it grants the institutions the autonomy of preparing their payroll that is consistent with the peculiarities of the system.

He said the union had keyed into the IPPIS for the first few months but due to the inconsistencies involved in the IPPIS, it prompted to create U3PS .

In his words: “Since the government said IPPIS was going to be used to fight corruption, and advised we should join hands with the government to give IPPIS a trial, we decided take a shot at it.

“But from the first month to second, third and fourth month or thereabout, it was full of inconsistencies. So much that our members could no longer bear it as it became frustrating.

“And we look within and among us and we realised that we have technical and ICT experts that can help us to develop an alternative to IPPIS which we called the University Peculiar Payroll and Payment System (U3PS) where we believe that all the inconsistencies in the IPPIS will be resolved.”

Furthermore, Mr. Adeyemi added that the U3PS was developed in such a way that will accommodate all the stakeholders in the university system; be it academics, non teaching staff, or academic technologists.

Reacting to this, the minister of education, Hon. Adamu Adamu said “he was impressed with the platform and wondered why the unions did not develop it before the introduction of IPPIS”.

Mr Adamu however urged the unions to document the inconsistencies involved with the IPPIS and present it to the government so it can delibrated upon and resolved accordingly.

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