Law Student Penalized for Drinking Water from the Bottle.

A student of the Nigerian Law School has been issued a query for allegedly drinking water direct from a bottle of water instead of pouring same in a glass at a law dinner.

According to a twitter user by name Zaid shar the query on twitter with the caption “things that happen in the law school”

In the query, the student whose name was blurred out was asked to explain within 24 hours why disciplinary measure should not be taken against the student for violating  “Rule 6(29) of Code of Conduct for Students of the Nigerian Law School.

The query read thus:

“It has been reported by the Director and Head of Academics of June 16, 2022 that while Law Dinner was on going in the Dining Hall, you were found putting a bottle of water in your mouth when a glass cup was on your table.

“Consequently, you are requested to explain why disciplinary action should not be taken against you for violating Rule 6(29) of the Code of Conduct for students of Nigerian Law School on dinner etiquette and manners.”

Traditionally, aspirants to the bar are expected to eat two compulsory dinner during their studentship at the Nigerian Law School and the third during call to the bar ceremony. The dinner is a highly regulated event where students are expected to maintain high level of decorum and maximum eating etiquette.

Source: DNL Legal & Style

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