Interesting Facts About PressPayNg (Part One)

Do you know that when you onboard the PressPayNg App whether as a student, parent/guardian, you get to enjoy amazing and excptional offers you can’t get else where? Now sitback and relax while we explain some interesting facts about PressPayNg.


  • Pay bills such as Airtime, Light bill, Internet (Data), DStv/GOtv bills and get a whopping 10% discount.
  • Get Education insurance in case of any emergencies PressPayNg has got you covered
  • Crowdfund your tuition seamlessly via a link you can generate from the app.
  • Get Scholarship offers from time to time
  • Refer and get easily get paid on our promo offers

Now this is not all, PressPayNg has got so many other offers you can enjoy when you onboard the app, all you need to do is download the app via Google playstore and Android iOS store.

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