Call for Proposals: We Lead Creatives Grant (15,000 Euros to 30,000 Euros)

We Lead is now launching a call for proposals for creatives and creative hubs in Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria, working to produce audio-visual content that sheds light on We Lead rightsholders’ SRHR issues often ignored by society and duty bearers through the following media and more:

  • Film
  • Creative design
  • Music production
  • Online
  • Content creation
  • Photography
  • Virtual reality and gaming
  • Media

The program puts these young women as rightsholders in the driver’s seat while supporting them to make sustainable changes for their SRHR. It focuses on four specific groups of young women: women living with HIV, women living with disabilities, those facing discrimination, and those affected by displacement.

The program is implemented in nine countries in Africa, the Middle East and Central America. The We Lead consortium which is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs consists of six civil society organizations: Positive Vibes, Restless Development, Marsa, FEMNET, the Central American Women’s Fund, and Hivos as a lead party. M&C Saatchi World Services is their technical partner.

We Lead aims to ensure that the rightsholders play a leading role in strengthened and inclusive organizations and movements that enjoy increased public support and have convinced duty-bearers and health-service providers to take steps towards implementing laws, policies and practices that respect and protect these young women’s SRHR by 2025.

Funding Information
  • The grants that are available range from 15,000 Euros (lowest) to 30,000 Euros (highest) for 8 months for the period starting November 1 2022 – June 30 2023.
  • Grants may be for the amplification of work already being done in support of creative content production and/or infrastructural needs around the message area mentioned above and as per the project’s outcomes.
  • Grants may also be for the creation of new content responding to new developments with regard to rightsholders’ SRHR issues.
  • The grant is not able to fund the provision of direct services or operating/running costs unrelated to proposed activities as outlined in this call.

We Lead’s Intermediate outcomes

  • Strengthened CSOs are inclusive of or led by young women from four rightsholder groups, and work together in a Community of Action, to defend and promote their SRHR.
  • The general public increasingly acknowledges and supports young women’s SRHR.
  • Health service providers are more aware of the SRHR needs and situation of rightsholder groups, and increasingly provide accessible, comprehensive, high-quality, inclusive and respectful SRHR information and services.
  • Duty-bearers increasingly design, adopt and implement laws and policies that respect and protect the SRHR of young women from rightsholder groups.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Proposals with innovative project ideas that promote an increase in knowledge about SRHR information and public and decision-makers support for the following We Lead rightsholder groups:
    • Young women living with HIV
    • Young women with disabilities
    • Young women who identify as lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer or intersex
    • Young women that are affected by displacement
  • This call is primarily directed to:
    • Entities that represent communities of makers and audio-visual content creators such as but are not limited to the following;
      • Creative spaces
      • Groups of artists
      • Music studios
      • Hubs
      • Cafés
      • Art spaces
      • Art galleries
      • Independent production houses
      • Networks of artists and producers
    • Entities that produce or intend to produce content/work that aims to shed light on socio-political issues that are often ignored by society therefore challenging or questioning certain norms in society. This content/work should enhance public debate by enabling alternative viewpoints to mainstream societal narratives.
    • Entities that intend to do collaborative work in support of the creative arts sector and work with content producers in one or more of the following audiovisual sectors:
      • Graphic design
      • Comics / cartoons
      • Animation
      • Poetry / slam poetry / spoken word
      • Storytelling
      • Music
      • Rap / Hip hop
      • Radio shows/ radio series/ podcasts
      • TV show / TV series/ online channels
      • Short film / video
      • Feature film / documentary
      • Vlogging
      • Visual art (painting, drawing, printmaking, digital art)
      • Mixed media installations
      • Performance virtual reality
      • Videogame
    • Entities that incorporate new ways of working cognizant of the restrictions introduced by Covid-19

For more information, visit https://hivos.org/call-for-proposals-we-lead-creatives-grant/

Deadline: 5-Oct-22

Source: fundsforngos.org


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