What Makes PressPayNg is Unique?

PressPayNg is Unique in so many ways, aside from been known for its passion for tertiary education, it also gives student in tertiary institution many mouthwatering offers to make life easy and seamless for them while in school.

The Edtech brand is amazing discounts to her onboaders when you perform transactions such as payment of fees, airtime purchase and DStv/Gotv subscription from the app.

With the PressPayNg app you can generate a crowdfunding link from your dashboard to pay your fees and stand a chance to win scholarships.

To enjoy all these amazing benefits and so much more, all you need to do is download the PressPayNg from your playstore, get verufued and you are good to go.

No app does it like PressPayNg. Your one and only Tertiary Education partner.

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