6 Steps to Access Affordable Premium Healthcare on PressPayNg

PressPayNg has partnered with over 3000 hospitals nationwide, you as a Student in a Tertiary Institution here in Nigeria don’t need to worry about your Health while in school, because PressPayNg has got you covered.

At a very low & affordable rate students can enjoy premium healthcare while in school just by following these six simple steps:

Step 1:

Download the PressPayNg App on Android or iOS playstore.

Step 2:

Register on the App

Step 3:

Goto the icon “Tertiary Education Heath Maintenance”

Step 4:

Activate and subscribe to any preferred plan

Step 5:

Your Bank Account will be debited(via approved payment gateways)

Step 6:

List health services will be activated. Ditto location-specific clinic/hospitals where health service can be accessed.

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