Providing Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Education Financing Solutions to Parents & Students in Nigeria.

We offer School Fees Savings, Loans, Scholarship, School Fees Crowdfunding, Education Insurance, Student HMO, Free Softskill Trainings & Student Holiday Jobs.

Why PressPayNg?

Easy Access

We offer you student loan as against what is obtainable with other financial institutions and platforms

Fee Co-Funding

We co-fund your tuition year after year till you graduate

Flexible Loans

Flexible student loan application and repayment process.


Enjoy our scholarship pop-ups and education grants

Moderate Interest

We offer you student loan at a moderate interest rate

Make Money

Make money while looking for money; income opportunities from referrals

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Commence a Savings Plan for your tuition today

Take the pressure of school fees off you. Take advantage of our flexible savings plan plus Student loan - for students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

With PressPayNg

Every Nigerian can become a graduate. Let us co-fund your tuition.

Access up to 50% of your tuition as student loan from us and contribute the other 50% with our flexible savings plans. Together, we take responsibility for your future.

What makes us different

PressPayNg offers you the credibility you need to solicit support for your tuition/school fees.

Now, everyone can contribute credibly to your tuition fee – NO SCAM, NO “Send me your School ID Card”. Just copy your tuition payment link and share with everyone, then watch your dream come true.

How to get started

Download app or start application here
Register on the app
We carry out KYC and verify your application information
We credit you 50% for your tuition

You commence a savings plan for the other 50% of your tuition
We aggregate our 50% and your 50% at the end of your savings plan
We credit your school directly with the tuition
You commence a 3-month repayment plan for the 50% student loan (plus interest) from us
With good credit score, you can access this co-funding plan every academic year

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