Board of Advisory

These are the group of experts lending their skills, expertise, knowledge and guidance to PressPayNg.

Dr. Amina

Dr. Amina is a senior lecturer and member of the Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development in the University of Ilorin where she has profoundly contributed in the education sector through teaching, community development and research.

Dr. Amina Ahmed El-Imam's passion for education is backed up by various moves such as: Running a free book club for children, Providing free training to improve the professional capacity of the Nigerian youth, as well as authoring two books in March 2022

Shamsideen Fashola

An intuitive Retail Banking Service Executive with a proven 25+ years of visible accomplishments and diverse working knowledge of large scle financial technology projects and strategic initiatives across a variety of sectors.

Adesoji Owobamirin

Brings broad expertise in project financing, investment and management consulting. He led the Keystone bank team that was part of a consortium of banks that financed a $270 million power sector investment in Nigeria.

Professor Femi Mimiko Ph.D, mni

Olufemi Mimiko is a professor of Political science in Obafemi Awolow University (OAU), Nigeria. He holds a PhD in International Relations, from the same university. His research interest is in Comparative Political Economy, International Relations, Development and Transition studies, Policy and Strategic studies and Higher Education Governance. Professor Mimiko served as the fouth Vice Chancellor, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba.

Lloyd C. Williams PH.D., PH.D., MIN

Organisational Physcologist, Leadership and Human Resource Executive, Organizational Development and change management consultant, Executive Leadership Coach and Consultant, Author and Professor, Member of the NCF Global LLC and sponsored by National Consultancy and follow up group, Abudabi, United Arab Emirate. He brings 18 years of successful professional public administration in Organizational Development Management, Social Service Management and Diversity Inclusion Programs.