Frequently Asked Questions.

We have curated some commonly aksed questions that could help you understand our service better.

Frequently Asked Questions By Students

We have different savings plans and offer, register and create an EduSAVINGS Account or log into the PressPayNg App if you are already an existing user to see which is suitable for you.
You can access up to 10% of the amount in your EduSAVINGS Account monthly.
You can apply for a loan or co-funding by following the steps below STEP 1: Download the PressPayNg app on your Google play store or app store. STEP 2: Open the App, Register and create an EduLOAN Account, and Apply.
The basic requirements for the co-funding are: 1. You must be a valid student of a Tertiary Institution in Nigeria; 2. There must be an existing verification arrangement between us and your school; 3. Register on the platform with accurate information; 4. On-board with a Sponsor; 5. On-board with two Academic Role Models (Lecturers); 6. Get verified on the App.
You are entitled to up to 50% of your tuition fee per academic session.
The amount you are shown is based on your school’s tuition fee.
Yes, you do. For fresh students, you must have paid you acceptance fee to be eligible for the loan
You can get credited on your dashboard in 48 hours after which you are to commence your savings to balance up the payment of your tuition.
The co-funding or loan is added up to the student’s savings to make up the tuition and paid directly to the institution on behalf of the student.
You can visit the PressPayNg website or log into the app to see the repayment plans.
PressPayNg has an arrangement with the school on how issues of default would be handled.
Yes, there is a need for your bank details as part of the onboarding process.
The PressPayNg app enables you to track your financial records, statements, receipts and deposit.
Your school record is part of our KYC requirements.
Yes, just a moderate interest rate with admin charges.
You earn rewards by referral bonus.
PressPayNg app is available and accessible everywhere in Nigeria.
Education Health Maintenance or EduHEALTH is one of the value-added services provided by PressPayNg. With the almost collapse of our health sector, and prevalence of minor illness like malaria, typhoid, etc, etc, student subscription to EduHEALTH guarantees access to primary healthcare.
All students – irrespective of their tertiary institution – qualifies for EduHEALTH.
After downloading the PressPayNg app via IOS or android and signing up, any student can subscribe to EduHEALTH, as a value-added service.
EduHEALTH covers access to primary health care, a 2-days medical admission and feeding on admission.
PressPayNg EduHEALTH comes at a premium of N1,000.00 per month and N12,000 annually.
The applicable Terms and Conditions can be found on the website or app.
If you default in your monthly premium payment, you forfeit access to EduHealth for that year.
We have over 3,500 hospitals spread across the country.
Yes. A student can access hospitals specific to their current location or depending on the peculiarity of the situation at hand, provided they are subscribed to the education health maintenance scheme.
As part of the incentives of being on PressPayNg, you will have access to holiday jobs and internship opportunities with our partner organisations.
Yes, depending on your location, you can work during non-lecture hours.
Yes, you would be paid an agreed allowance by the organisation into your PressPayNg Wallet Account.

Frequently Asked Questions By Parents

Yes, you can sign up on PressPayNg as a parent/guardian to pay your child’s/ward’s tuition fee. Just download the app and carefully following the instructions.
Education Tuition Insurance or EduSURE is one of the value-added services provided by PressPayNg. With life expectancy put at 54.69years (2019), EduSURE provides a cover - in the event of death, permanent disability, medical emergencies, incapacitation, etc (on the part of the parent/guardian) - for the affected student. The student with the help of EduSURE is guaranteed to stay in school and achieve his/her educational ambitions. PressPayNg – working closely with the relevant insurance companies – will pay your ward’s tuition fee for the years following till graduation.
Only parents and guardians can sign up for EduSURE.
Download the PressPayNg app via IOS or android, sign up as a parent/guardian, then you can subscribe to EduSURE, as a value-added service.
EduSURE covers, partial/permanent disability, critical illness and death.
PressPayNg EduSURE comes at a premium of 1.2% of the range of tuition. The minimum premium is N500 Per month or N6,000 Per annum.
Kindly refer to the Terms and Conditions of Use.
You get a 10% discount when you pay a one-off annual subscription.
Absolutely, but only on any annual basis.

Frequently Asked Questions By Institutions

To provide institutional support for co-funding the tuition of their students
An institution can get affiliated by onboarding the app and also liaising with our customer care.
Student records can be uploaded through the PressPayNg App.
By engaging our customer care team

Frequently Asked Questions By Role Models

An academic role model is a person who a student looks up to academically to help attain academic goals and achievement
The basic requirement to becoming an academic role model is that you must be an academic member of staff in the same institution as the applicant.
There is no risk factor to being an academic role model.
To confirm that you are aware of the student’s application for loan and would be willing provide the needed support in facilitating the loan and its repayment.
You can stop being an academic role model by informing the student and a change is effected on the student’s profile.

Frequently Asked Questions By Philanthropist

Ask the student to download and register on the app. A tuition savings/payment link can be generated by the applicant and sent to you to credit the app directly as against giving the student cash or crediting personal accounts. You can bank on PressPayNg to ensure that all donations to a student will be credited to the institution directly. PressPayNg bridges the trust deficit between students and philanthropist/sponsor. No scam, no games, no diversion of fund. We fund the future.