Providing Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Education Financing Solutions to Parents & Students in Nigeria.

We offer School Fees Savings, Loans, Scholarship, School Fees Crowdfunding, Education Insurance, Student HMO, Free Softskill Trainings & Student Holiday Jobs.

About PressPayNg

Education is a monumental tool for both Economic, social and political development of any given country. Education at the primary, secondary and particularly at tertiary level is assumed to be the way to social esteem, better paying jobs, expand life options and intellectual stimulations. As the most populous African country and the seventh most populous country in the world, United Nations anticipates that Nigeria will become the third largest country in the world by 2050 with 399 million people.

But, due to the prevailing economic realities, the accessibility, cost, affordability and financing of education at all levels in Nigeria has garnered growing concerns. The number of out-of-school children has increased from 10.5 million to 18.5 million in 2022, with the average cost of public universities in Nigeria at $125-$500 per year, the average cost of private institutions at $2,700 annually and an average annual tertiary education dropout rate of 18% - affording and financing education have become fundamental challenges for the in Nigeria. With PressPayNg, every Nigerian will be financially empowered to commence and complete primary, secondary and tertiary education without having to dropout or defer admission.

The PressPayNg App offers education savings, education loans, school fees crowd-funding through public donations, free soft skill training, scholarships, holiday jobs, education insurance and health maintenance for students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. This is a silver-bullet solution that will significantly flatten the curve of education dropout and out-of-school rates in Nigeria, increase the annual education enrolment rate at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels, help the institutions generate more revenue, address infrastructural deficits in our institutions and ultimately advance the human capital development index in Nigeria.

What Drives Us

Driven by the passion to solve this fundamental social problem and nip the challenges of tertiary education financing in the bud, Coverpage Partnership Solutions Limited has developed PressPayNg – An education technology that offers education savings, education loans, education insurance, education health maintenance and holiday jobs for students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The education savings and loans are aimed at tuition payment in order to flatten the curve of tertiary education dropout rate and boost the Nigerian economy through human capital development.


To empower the educational ambition of every Nigerian


Offering disruptive innovations and silver bullet solutions to human capital development in Nigeria.

Our Core Values

Customer Satisfaction

PressPayNg Advantage

With PressPayNg, no Nigerian will be denied education or dropout of school on the basis of funding.

• Take personal responsibility for your education, commence your Tuition Savings on PressPayNg and enjoy several benefits.
• Enjoy Tuition Donations in a credible and seamless manner from friends, families and philanthropists by using the “Crowdfund My Tuition” and Donor Link on the App.
• PressPayNg offers parents “Easy-To-Access” Tuition loans of up to 50% of tuition value with zero collateral. The PressPayNg School Fees Loans are offered to parents with children in Private Primary & Secondary School; the School Fees Loans are also opened to parents with children in Private and Public Tertiary Institutions.
• Enjoy Tuition Scholarship from PressPayNg in Partnership with Corporate Organizations as CSR Education Intervention in Nigeria.
• Enjoy Free Soft-Skill Training and Holiday Jobs on PressPayNg and have Workplace Readiness Skills and exposures.
• Subscribe to our Student Friendly Health Maintenance Plan and have access to over 3,500 partnering hospitals.
• As parents, signup to our highly discounted Education Insurance Plan on PressPayNg for a secured education funding for your children.
• Earn as you Learn – Make money through referrals on PressPayNg App.