Our Unique Solutions

With PressPayNg, you don’t have to drop out of school. We take care of your tuition, while you take care of your studies

Our Solutions


For Parents to Fund Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Education
For Students to Fund Tertiary Education

  • Be intentional about your education financing, start savings towards school fees with a dedicated Education Account on the PressPayNg App
  • You can save, your parents/guardians can equally save towards your school fees on the PressPayNg App
  • Saving for School Fees on the PressPayNg App offers you the opportunity to get soft loans to complement your savings


For Parents to Fund Private Primary & Secondary Education
For Parents to Fund Private & Public Tertiary Education
For Working Students to Fund Tertiary Education

  • We offer “Easy-To-Access” school fees loans to parents and working students
  • Get up to 50% of your school fees as instant loan from PressPayNg
  • Zero collateral, with moderate interest rate and flexible repayment plan
  • With good credit score, you can access our education loan every academic year
  • We offer tertiary education loans.
  • 50% instant loan access from PressPayNg + 50% Flexible Savings Plan from you.
  • With moderate interest rate and flexible repayment plan
  • With good credit score, you can access our education loan every academic year.

EduSUREFor Parents/Guardian

  • In case of emergencies, secure your ward’s tertiary education.
  • Sign up for tertiary education insurance (EduSURE) with PressPayNg at a subsidized premium.
  • Get a 10% discount when you pay annually one off.
  • Pay your premium consistently and in the event of a medical emergency/incapacitation, we would pay your ward’s tuition fee for the years following till graduation. Terms and Conditions Apply

EduHEALTHFor students

  • Sign up for EduHEALTH, a health maintenance scheme at a subsidized premium on PressPayNg.
  • When you are subscribed to EduHEALTH, you are entitled to primary health care, a 2 - day medical admission with feeding in any of over 3,500 partnering hospitals we have nationwide.


  • Have a student you want to support his/her tuition?
  • Does the student have an account with PressPayNg? If no, share this link for the student to open an account with PressPayNg.
  • Click here to donate or sponsor a student


  • PressPayNg offers investment opportunities for individuals and corporate organizations under its education loans product line.
  • You can invest in education loans and earn through our lending rates.
  • Terms and Conditions Apply.


  • Create an account and complete your profile to get verified
  • Generate your referral link and share it with your friends through social media, email, and direct messages.
  • Sit back and relax as you earn for referring someone to PressPayNg


  • Flatten the dropout rate in your institution. Offer the “requisite institutional support” to PressPayNg for your students to access education loans from us.
  • Increase enrolment and retention rate in your institution by engaging PressPayNg.
  • Increase your revenue through prompt tuition payment by PressPayNg.


  • Agents are representatives of PressPayNg on campuses of tertiary institutions in Nigeria and saddled with the responsibility of interacting with the management of institutions to confirm and verify the information provided by students of the institutions who have onboarded PressPayNg App.
  • Our agents provide reconciliatory support services to students in terms of payments and receipts amongst PressPayNg, Students and Institutions and promote the PressPayNg Brand in tertiary institution across the country.

Student Holiday Jobs & Internship

  • You have an opportunity to earn as a Student with PressPayNg.
  • As part of the incentives of being on PressPayNg, you will have access to holiday jobs and internship opportunities with our partner organizations.
  • Go to your dashboard and profile yourself for a job opportunity