NCC Talent Hunt Search Hackathon For Nigerian Startups( Up to N30m Cash Prize)


The Nigerian Communications Commission as part of its Strategic Vision Plan (SVP) 2023-2025 captures the need to encourage the development of new technologies and indigenous content through cutting-edge research to stimulate sustainable economic growth and development in Nigeria.

Pursuant to the above, the Commission invites Tech Hubs and innovation Driven Enterprises (IDEs) in Nigeria to enter eligible start-ups and their solutions in the third edition of the NCC Talent Hunt Research Through Hackathon with a focus on three (3) thematic areas:

  • Blockchain-enabled Data Protection Solutions for Enhancing Regulatory Compliance
  • Assistive Technology Solutions for the Elderly and People with Disabilities
  • Technology Solutions for Renewable Energy in Rural Areas

The NCC Talent Hunt Research Through Hackathon leverages Emerging Digital Technologies to facilitate the development of home-grown innovative solutions and local content development in the Telecommunications Sector while fostering economic growth and social advancement in Nigeria. The competition enables the translation of novel ideation to the development of hardware-software/software solutions that address industry and societal challenges. The best three solutions, one from each area will receive grants of N10 million each for the development of the solutions.


The criteria for participation in the competition include the following:

  • The Enterprise MUST provide a certificate of registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission.
  • The Enterprise must not have previously received support from the Commission.
  • The project should have clear relevance to one of the three thematic areas above.
  • Clear problem statement, proposed solution, and roadmap to deployment.
  • Proof of concept (which may also include technical feasibility of idea with diagram, algorithm, existing models or case studies, etc.).
  • Novelty of solution (including a declarative statement on ownership of intellectual property).
  • A solution including prototype development shall be concluded within 6 months of receipt of the Grant (including a statement of application of funds/ Bill of Engineering Measurement and Evaluation (BEME).
  • Detailed Commercialization plan of the prototype.

Project Submission

Entry Format

The Entry Submission must be in the following format:

  1. Ideation i.e., what is idea
  2. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and solution functionality i.e. How does it work?
  3. Current Sweat Equity Investment.
  4. Product-market fit status.
  5. Verifiable Go-to-Market status.
  6. Growth Feasibility Assurances.
  7. Maturity Model and Timeliness.
  8. Exist Time: Disaster Recovery – where applicable.


All applications should be ONLINE and must follow the entry format stated above.

There is no cost to enter the competition. Kindly note that full control and ownership of the intellectual property of the developed Solutions remain with the Commission.

All entries must be made by a Tech Hub / Innovation Driven Enterprise who will register and submit on behalf of the entry the following documentation:

  1. Evidence of relationship with the Start-up/solution being entered.
  2. 4 pages of Executive summary of the project concept.
  3. 3-5 minutes video of the pilot project.
  4. Names, Age, contact details, passport photos, and profile of all Team members.
  5. Website (if available)/E-mail address.

Deadline: September 22, 2023.

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