RNTC Media and Journalism  MENA Scholarship Programme(MSP) 2024

The MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP) is open for registration. RNTC welcome media-makers from the following countries to register below and start their application: 

Algeria • Egypt • Iraq • Jordan • Lebanon • Libya • Mauritania • Morocco • Oman • Syria* • Tunisia  
*Please note that MSP is only open to applicants of Syrian nationality who are residing and working in one of the selected MENA countries

Courses on offer

Media Campaigns for Social Change and Advocacy
Developing campaigns that inspire social change and amplify advocacy efforts.

Digital Content Creation
Developing engaging multimedia content for broadcast and the web.

Digital Media to Counter Disinformation and Hate Speech
Providing practical tools to create alternative narratives and combat disinformation and hate speech in the media.

Public Interest Journalism
Delivering powerful stories that have an impact on society, with the sole objective of exposing the truth.


A Nuffic scholarship for an in-person course is a partial scholarship and covers your tuition fee, international and domestic travel costs to/from and in the Netherlands, accommodation in the Netherlands for the duration of the course, medical insurance, and two meals a day. Visa costs can only be reimbursed on show of the receipt and up to a maximum amount. Maximum reimbursement for:

  • MENA: up to € 30,-

For an online course, your Nuffic scholarship will only cover your tuition fee. It will NOT cover equipment or internet coverage for the course.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the RNTC Media and Journalism  MENA Scholarship Programme

Deadline: 26th March 2024

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