5 Etsy Side Hustles For Passive Income In 2024

If you’re looking for ways to bump up your salary while employed in a demanding role, then working smarter, not harder, is going to be your best option. The whole idea of passive income is that you are able to make more money, but almost without thinking about it.

As opposed to getting a promotion at work, or side hustles such as consulting or coaching, in which you need to be physically present each time to deliver the service to your client and make more money, passive income ideas do not require you to always be available to showcase your expertise or deliver the product or service.

Rather, you can set up your side hustle idea and automate your processes in such a way that it will almost sell itself, being constantly in demand. This enables you to make money even while you sleep, are on vacation, working in your main job, or are attending to other important responsibilities.

No doubt, if you’ve been recently searching for side hustle or passive income ideas, you would have come across Etsy several times as a recommendation.

Etsy’s platform enables you to make money from doing what you love in a creative way. It was launched almost 20 years ago as a way for creators to sell handmade, vintage, and speciality craft and art items, such as home decor, jewellery, custom prints, and supplies such as party and wedding supplies and thoughtful, tailormade gifts.

The entire platform is relatively easy to navigate and creating your seller account and profile only takes a few minutes to get up and running, giving you minimal stress and hassle.

But perhaps most importantly, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a creative, you can still make money on Etsy through selling your knowledge in the form of customizable templates and how-to guides (more on that below).

1. Art Patterns And Templates

Out of many items, Etsy is perhaps most well-known for the plethora of art products available. Many customers come to the platform in search of art kits, patterns, and templates, for hobbies and to grow their own businesses.

While art kits may not be the most passive idea since this will require preparation and sorting on your part to fulfil every order, you can still sell art patterns, tutorials, and templates digitally, with instructions. This only requires one-time creation, while the orders flow in.

2. How-To Guides

If you have years of experience in an industry, you can leverage this expertise to build passive income on Etsy. For example, if you have worked within construction, you could create how-to guides on various aspects of the construction industry, tips for launching a career within construction, and even checklists.

3. Printable Art

This is one of the easiest ways to earn passive income on Etsy. Printable art, which customers can download and use for wall art or greeting cards is currently trending high on Etsy.

4. Recipe Collections

Love cooking or baking? You can turn this hobby into passive income by sharing your juicy kitchen secrets in PDF recipe collections or mini e-books, and selling these as digital products on Etsy.

5. Photography

If you’re an avid photographer, you might want to consider selling your photographs as digital downloads that customers can print for display in their homes and offices. Your high-quality prints can be sold in various formats and sizes for convenience.

These ideas allow you to tap into various markets and niches, explore your interests, and make your experience and skills work for you, while working full-time.

Source: Forbes.com

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