How to SAVE & Access Education LOANS on PressPayNg

PressPayNg Education Savings(EduSAVINGS) and Education Loans(EduLOANS) is one of the product’s legs designed specifically to assist students in tertiary institutions across Nigeria achieve their educational goals without the fear of dropping out of school.

To enjoy EduSAVINGS/EduLOANS all you need to do is follow 7 easy steps below:

  1. Download the PressPayNg App from the Android or iOS playstore.
  2. Register on the App
  3. We carryout the Know Your Customer(KYC) process and verify your application information.
  4. We credit you 50% tuition loan
  5. Commence a savings plan of the other 50% of your tuition(Savings Plan 1– 1month Savings for the 50% of your tuition; Savings Plan 2– 2months Savings for the 50% of your tuition; Savings Plan 3– 3months Savings for the 50% of your tuition).
  6. PressPayNg will aggregate our 50% and your 50% at the end of your savings plan.
  7. We credit your school directly with the tuition.
  8. You have 1-month moratorium to pay your loan.
  9. You commence a 3month repayment plan for the 50% tuition loan (plus interest) from PressPayNg.
  10. With good credit score, you can access this co-funding plan every academic year.

Onboard the PressPayNg App today and enjoy PressPayNg Education Savings/Loans and several


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