Portugal Government Scholarship 2024 (Fully Funded)

Applications for the Portugal Government Scholarships 2024 which offer international students a unique opportunity to pursue higher education in Europe are open.

The Government of Portugal are offering fully funded scholarship opportunities to international students willing to study in the European country.

The Portugal Government Scholarship are awarded for the entire academic year and are paid monthly, usually in 10 instalments.

The purpose of grants is to provide support to students with limited financial resources so that they can pay the costs of higher education.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The scholarship is open to international students from all countries.
  • Undergraduate Programs require completion of secondary education.
  • Master’s Programs: Require possession of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • Doctoral Programs: Requires possession of a Master’s degree or equivalent.
  • Applicants should demonstrate proficiency in Portuguese or English, depending on the language of instruction of the chosen program.
  • Demonstrated academic merit and potential for success in the chosen field of study.


  • Covers all tuition fees.
  • Provides a monthly stipend for living expenses.
  • Access to top universities in Europe.
  • Exposure to excellent academic resources and faculty.
  • Opportunity to immerse in Portugal’s rich cultural heritage.
  • Chance to learn a new language and build a global network.
  • Enhances employability with a degree from a prestigious Portuguese university.
  • Opens doors to diverse professional paths both in Portugal and internationally.
  • Supports academic growth.
  • Fosters overall personal and professional development.

How to Apply?


Deadline: September 30, 2024

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